Saint Vincent, Grenadines, 7th April, 2022,

Poolz Finance completed integration with NEAR’s Aurora sidechain, as well as received a NEAR Foundation grant as part of its NEAR Grants Program.

Poolz was developed to provide the crypto industry with democratized and decentralized liquidity options. As part of this product line, Poolz created the market’s first risk-free IDO to boost the investors’ trust in blockchain-native projects. 

In order to give the Poolz community an unmatched experience, the DeFi launchpad supports some of the best blockchain networks: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO, Polkadot, Polygon, Avalanche, Tomochain, and now, NEAR. The NEAR grant will help Poolz expand its presence on NEAR and its EVM sidechain Aurora, which is quickly emerging as the leading solution to build DeFi and NFT projects on top of the NEAR blockchain.

NEAR is a sharded protocol that focuses on user experience, with all shards being largely hidden from the user’s view. NEAR requires developers to build on Rust, which becomes a problem in an EVM-dominated landscape for smart contracts. Here enters Aurora, which is a NEAR-based blockchain that enables EVM smart contracts. It leverages NEAR’s high throughput and sharded architecture to offer an extremely fast environment with 1 second block times and 2-second finality, which makes it extremely fast compared to other EVM blockchains.

By integrating with Aurora, Poolz will help its users and incubated projects access opportunities on the blockchain, with both new projects and IDOs as well as technical help to integrate the protocol for existing protocols. Poolz is committed to a multi-chain and interoperable vision, helping foster liquidity across a variety of blockchain environments — with the end goal of connecting them together.

“The collaboration with Aurora will set us on our path to becoming an industry-leading cross-chain DeFi project launchpad and incubator,” said Guy Oren, Co-Founder of Poolz. “The grant will help us conquer the milestones we set out to achieve and help us deliver a near-perfect, pun intended, user experience for investors and crypto startups.”

About Poolz Venture

Poolz is a decentralized cross-chain IDO platform built on top of Web 3.0 infrastructure to assist crypto industry projects in raising funds before listing. Poolz Venture is an investment fund set up by the core team at Poolz to further build on the vision Poolz started with.





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About Aurora
Aurora is an Ethereum scalability solution which gives an opportunity for Ethereum projects to be launched outside of Ethereum to acquire additional markets and provide lower fees to the users. Good user and developer experience are among the primary focus points for Aurora. Aurora is implemented as a smart contract on top of the NEAR blockchain, so it inherits all the advantages of NEAR: a scalable sharded solution that provides the capability of increasing the amount of transactions-per-second horizontally.





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