Peter Dennelis a graduate from The Massachusetts School of Art is part of our select team of designers that are creating our and incredible collection of NFTs that will soon be released into the Metaverse.  

In a personal interview, Peter says “My characters are a fusion of emotion, life experience, culture and history. When I create my art takes on a life of its own. I follow where it leads, as is the case with the bears. Although their initial concept is mine, they develop their own personalities and I create where they lead”.  

Peter enters the Majestic Bears NFT world

Peter explained his involvement with Majestic Bears, “I’ve been hearing about NFT for several months now, on the networks, on TV, on YouTube, I’ve been hearing the word NFT everywhere but without really knowing what it was. 
Every week we see a new big star who buys a Bored ape and changes his profile picture. I was always intrigued by NFT, but it was still something vague for me.”

“A few months ago I went back to Miami to attend the art Basel, which is a contemporary art exhibition that is held every year and I met Julien who is the co-founder of Majestic Bears. He has been in the NFT space since the beginning and taught about this world which was very new. I immediately fell in love with his personality. He was looking for an artist for his collection and so little by little we thought we could launch a project together,” said Peter.

As a true artist Peter has honed his craft by gaining experience in Hollywood. In 2018, he worked on Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom with the award-winning Andy Nicholson. According to Peter this project was fascinating as he was involved in the dynamic process where he could see the creatures he created come to life. 

In another collaboration with famed costume designer Kate Hawley, he saw first-hand the effect of Suicide Squad’s concept art. 

Peter also worked with Production Designer Adam Stockhausen on the Spielberg film, “Ready Player One”. Nobody can deny that working on a Spielberg film is an experience second to none. 

Dennelis has worked with the greatest studios, Warner Bros, The Walt Disney Company and Universal studios, adding to his repertoire. 

The first collection

Majestic Bears is the first collection we will release and comprises of 8888 unique NFTs. Within the collection there will be an exceptional masterpiece specifically designed as the focal point. This NFT will be each collectors defining piece. 

Every Majestic bear is bespoke, created with features that show emotion, like the tiny details of a facial expression. 

Life is brought into each Majestic Bear that Peter creates as he draws inspiration from his passion for life and art. His experience in television, film and graphic novels has raised his artistic awareness to another level. 

Our Discord community has been flooded with requests for NFTs that represent the creatures and animals that they love, this has made us explore the crypto art field further. 

Initially we were only going to create the Majestic Bears collection, however, the hype surrounding the release and the requests from our crypto art NFT has conceptualized new collections. 

Majestic Creatures and Majestic Animals will join the Majestic Bears in the Metaverse. The NFT art world will have access to our high-quality original creations backed by a team of designers that were specifically selected to conquer the Metaverse. 

The Metaverse will become the future of the artworld and make art accessible to over 4.6 billion users. Findings on social media platforms by Hootsuite, the global digital leader in social media management have released their 2022 figures, adding that this amount will increase exponentially on an annual basis of over 10%. Translating this according to NFT communities means that these users will have access to digital art globally and immediately. 

Fast paced access to the digital world brings art into the realm of every user and NFTs can now be bought on platforms like OpenSea using several different crypto currencies. 

What is the rage about?

NFTs are a radical form of art that is altering the paradigm of the art world. An artwork is no longer a static object that can only be seen by people visiting a museum or by invitation of a private collector. The digital community can now invest in a NFT and use it in the Metaverse.

Being an art collector was reserved for the elite, what this paradigm shift has brought is the possibility for anyone to become an art collector. A non-fungible token is a scarce commodity with a verifiable provenance supported by a blockchain, this will enable a person to purchase something unique and special.

The paradigm shift does not only apply to buyers it also applies to artists. An artist can create a NFT and instead of only having a small market, the global digital market is in the billions. No artist will ever feel that their art has no market, because if a masterpiece is created there is a global digital market available to purchase the NFT.

To quote Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile who bought the Beeple artwork, “You can go to the Louvre and take a picture of the Mona Lisa and you can have it there, nut it doesn’t have any value because it doesn’t have the provenance or the history of the work”.

If you are like Peter and have only heard about NFTs, explore this exciting new crypto form of art that is now part of the virtual crypto trading world. 

Peter’s advice is, “Enter the Ether now, this is only the start and we have so many ideas in the pipeline, that will keep you enthralled and a major part of the Majestic NFT world


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