Europe’s supercomputers hijacked by attackers for crypto mining

At least a dozen supercomputers across Europe have pack up after cyber-attacks tried to require control of them. A...

Iran Moves to Restrict Crypto Exchanges Under ‘Currency Smuggling’ Laws

The Iranian government just made conduits to cryptocurrency markets riskier, and more confusing, than ever before. According to...

Covid-19 Economy Fuels Faith in Crypto: Trust In Bitcoin Over Banks Increased 3X Since...

The marketing research organization, The Tokenist, recently published a report called “Comparing Public Bitcoin Adoption Rates in 2020 vs 2017.” The study’s...

J.K. Rowling Twitter Storm shows the Crypto Ecosystem Needs to Mature

As more evidence of impressive institutionally compliant behaviour shows itself within the crypto world, it’s more juvenile side is exposed as J.K.Rowling...

Nvidia Disguised $1B in ‘Fickle’ Crypto Mining Sales as Gaming Revenue, Lawsuit Claims

Nvidia, the multinational chip-making giant, remains being sued by disgruntled investors for allegedly under-reporting its sales of hardware wont to mine...

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