The first mention of bitcoin dated more than 10 years ago – in 2009. The first exchange of this digital coin for a real product took place the following year – American Laszlo Hanyecz received two delivery pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. Over the years, more and more developers have been implementing this payment system into their services. But in 2021 the world community was shocked again, when El Salvador adopted bitcoin as a legal tender. This was the impetus for other countries, such as the United States, Cuba, Ukraine and China, to develop legal regulation of the crypto market. This also stimulated business to purchase digital money.

In October 2021, special terminals appeared in the stores of the American retailer Walmart, where bitcoins can be purchased. However, this is not the first retailer in the United States offering customers to purchase cryptocurrency. 300 blockchain terminals appeared in stores at Winn-Dixie, Fresco y Más and Harveys in Florida this spring. Due to the rapid growth of bitcoin, more and more people are starting to use this new means of payment. This consequently increases the demand for services related to cryptocurrencies. Initially, this concerns applications for storing electronic money, such as BitMarket Network Client.

 At the moment, there is no other way to store cryptocurrencies, except crypto-wallets. They are different: online, local or desktop, paper and mobile. They all have features with their own pros and cons. However, the most popular are local wallets, because of their safety. These are devices connected to a computer or laptop. They contain a special program for storing keys and wallet data.

One of the most popular local wallets today is Bitmarket Network Client. It appeared on the market very recently, but it has already gained the trust of consumers. The peculiarity of this service is a combination of simplicity, convenience and 100% safety. They are ensured by:

  • Simplicity: modern interface and no need of customer registration
  • Convenience: comfortable U1 / Ux, 24/7 access, cross-platform, multi-currency,  display currency in fiat, autonomy from the Internet and technical support
  • Safety: two-factor authentication, open source, seed phrase, inaccessibility of personal data to developers

Bitmarket was updated this July. Its developers fixed the operating system Linux Wayland, generation of transactions for P2SH, P2WSH and Python setuptools support. Now it is the leader among other local wallets. It is suitable both for newcomers and professionals in the crypto industry, convenient in business and life.

As for other types of wallets, they have significant disadvantages:

  • Online – do not work without the Internet;
  • Mobile – are limited in functionality;
  • Hardware – have frequent PC connection problem;
  • Paper – are not durable.

Bitcoin is the successful implementation of universal money that anyone can store and exchange, no matter where they are. What are its advantages?

International money transfers are faster and cheaper than using traditional banking services.
Anyone can create their own cryptocurrency wallet via the Internet without any registration.
It is convenient in business due to the multisignature and transparency of transactions, which provides greater security.
Compared to other cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has the greatest brand awareness, liquidity, developed ecosystem and recognition among other companies and organizations.
Thus, it is necessary to use bitcoins, as it is a modern, convenient, fast and reliable way to store and exchange money. Moreover, the bitcoin industry does not stand still and is constantly developing. Its developers are looking for ways to improve its functionality and fix flaws. And the local crypto-wallet BitMarket is a good example of it.


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