Several months and lots of thousands of dollars invested, the person was allowed to withdraw $35,000 as a “return on investment”.

FX trading in Canada

A rural Manitoba man has lost quite $550,000 to an offshore forex trading scheme that involved two brands, International Derivatives Group and Valiant Markets, the Manitoba Securities Commission said.

With little hope of ever seeing his money again, the provincial watchdog said the scam started in August 2018 when a corporation representative called the anonymous victim and promised high returns if he invested the firm.

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Over the course of six months, until February 2019, the person sent quite half 1,000,000 of dollars to the corporate via mastercard and wire transfer. He initially invested $7,000 in gold and Bitcoin and by Christmas 2019 he pumped additional $93,000 and was then pressured to take a position another $140,000.

During this era , the Manitoba resident was told by his assigned director , allegedly named Michael Porter but never his real name, that his investments were profitable and accessible.

Complex frauds

“Porter told me very specifically that he didn’t get paid unless I made money. It didn’t appear to be he was out for a money grab since he would only profit if I did. He said I could double my money. It appeared like an honest investment,” says the victim, a Manitoba business man in his early 50s, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Several weeks and lots of thousands of dollars invested later, the person was allowed to withdraw $35,000 described as a “return on investment”.

This reassured the victim and prompted him proceed to take a position many thousands more. The fake account statements also lured him to believe his investments were paying off. the most important and, unfortunately for him, the last investment was made in February 2019 when he sent the corporate $350,000— almost everything he had.

This is a standard tactic among fraudulent brokers with victims investing a big amount of cash because the company will allow small withdrawals, but if he tries to form a big withdrawal, the corporate will stop contact.

This is exactly what happened with the Canadian rural as his ‘account manager’ claimed that complications thanks to the COVID pandemic were the rationale extra money couldn’t be withdrawn from the account.

“I’m getting to be starting again from situation . My business account is empty and COVID has devastated my business. I’m worried about paying my taxes. Michael Porter remains emailing me, posing for extra money . I’m under tons of stress,” says the victim.

The Manitoba had nothing to try to to but to warn others within the hopes that nobody else will fall for the scam. It added that such firms are often registered to shell companies in foreign countries.


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